Trusha, Fulham, London

I love all my haul from our trip as they are all so varied and different and it's a nice dilemma for me for once to have to think about what wonderful outfit I should wear today given my previous limited choice. You have transformed my wardrobe and therefore me and I cannot wait to try everything on and "wow" with each and very outfit.


You are a true professional and nice to boot - I was so so impressed. There you are picking things off the shelves not wasting a minute from the time we arrived to when I am paying and off you hurry to the next store, not wasting a minute.  I loved that about you as you were so driven to get as much off my list as possible.  And you also clocked me as a nonsense person, driven and motivated to get everything done and so you helped me to achieve that - I thought that was what was amazing about you - you put me first!


So many words I could say and go on and on about our two days of personal shopping but I do not have enough superlatives in my repertoire!


You are also such a lovely person too! Will be seeing you soon!

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