Get your wellies ready........

It's festival time again and with the weather being so extremely unpredictable, stylish but practical clothes are the way to go! Here are a few of my favourites for your rucksack!


The all important waterproof! There was a time when you had to do with a Berghaus Cagool but now, thank goodness, outerwear buyers and designers have finally set to offering us something fashionable that actually keeps us dry too! Metallics to animal prints and capelets - there's something for everyone!


The summer of 2005 when Kate Moss single-handedly made wellies cool, was a saving grace for all UK dwellers! Over the years I have been caught out many times with soaking feet but now a pair of wellington boots is totally acceptable - any place, anywhere (well almost!). Biker styling, bold colours, neon soles and glow in the dark - they're anything but boring!


Pack an easy summer dress that can then be layered up with a sweater and your waterproof. Or maybe a jumpsuit which makes things slightly easier when you're sitting in a field all day!


Knicker shorts, turn-ups, embroidered and studded - this season's denim shorts offer something for everyone. Pack a pair of tights in case it's chilly and at least the shorts can still earn a place in your bag.


Finally the essential cardi or jumper for chilly evenings. Rainbow colours,  bretton stripes and textured knits will all complete your fab festival look!



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