Jenny, Kingston, Surrey

I have just spent the most enjoyable three hours shopping experience

with Caroline. I am due to retire soon and am not as slim as I would

like to be and, therefore, I was probably lacking in confidence when

buying clothes, usually buying a variation on a theme if I found

something which I felt comfortable in.... 

 I felt very excited when I saw the clothes she had chosen for me, clothes that I would never have looked at, and in the changing room she immediately put me at my ease, she pointed out where the dresses or tops were flattering and I realised that they did actually suit me, and I began to see a different person in the mirror. Caroline is very efficient, she certainly knows what she is doing, I would recommend her to anyone, and especially someone who is more mature and who has lost confidence in herself/himself. She is very understanding and caring and just wants you to feel your best. I can't wait to have another shopping experience with Caroline which I hope will be very soon.

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